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SOF 2021

We alone create our religion and our faith

SOF 2021: Provisonal Conference Timetable

The programme is being designed to draw on the diverse knowledge and experience of SOF members, supporters and others who will be joining us for the event. Break-out groups will provide an opportunity for shared reflection as the conference unfolds.

Monday 19th July

10.00  Welcome & Notices

10.15  Attendees are invited to share their own experience of lockdown and reflect on how it has changed their response to the issues that are important to them.

11.30 - 12.15  Professor Elaine Graham will talk about her research into Don Cupitt’s work and into the SOF Network and will then take questions.

2.00   Don Cupitt talking on God and Non-Realism. Live screening.

2.15   Marcus Borg: ‘What is God?’. Live screening.

2.30   Comment. It is hoped that Don Cupitt will be able to give us his reflections.

2.45   Discussion in Groups.

3.20   Feedback in a plenary session.

4.00   Close

Tuesday 20th July

11.00  Solidarity - the story so far. Dave Francis and Denise Cush will describe the progress that has been made with SOF’s educational projects.

11.30  Discussion

2.00   Assisted Dying - a talk by Rabbi Jonathan Romain

2.30   Discussion in Groups.

3.20   Feedback in a plenary session.

3.45   Your Space - an open session and an opportunity for attendees to raise issues that they feel SOF should be discussing.

4.15   Discussion in Groups.

5.15   Close

Thursday 22nd July

11.00  ‘The Death of God’ a talk by Terry Eagleton. Live screening.

11.40  Presentation by Martin Spence on Eagleton’s talk.

12.00  Debate in plenary session.

2.00   SOF Annual General Meeting.

2.30   Open Forum.

4.00   Close.

Friday 23rd July

11.00  The Future of God and Organised Religion - a subject for discussion introduce by John Pearson, Iain Robertson and Paul Vittle

11.45  Discussion in Groups.

12.25  Debate in plenary session.

1.00   Conference close.