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SOF 2017

We alone create our religion and our faith

SOF2017: Provisional Conference Timetable

Tuesday 25th July

2.00  Welcome and official opening of the Conference, notices and introductions

2.20  Base Group Session 1

3.20  Tea and another chance to collect your key and find your room

4.00  Speakers’ Corner

5.00  Richy Thompson - Campaigning for Being Human

6.15  Book Launch: The Making of Humanity: Poetic Vision and Kindness by Dinah Livingstone

7.00  Dinner

8.30 The SOF Quiz

9.45  Films:   Film of Britain in Palestine, 1917-1948 by The Balfour Project

St Mark's Gospel, performed by Alec McCowen in London and New York, 1978


Wednesday 26th July

7.30  Starting the day

8.00  Breakfast

9.15  Notices

9.20  Forum Session 1

10.30  Coffee

11.00  Forum Session 2 (Speaker’s Corner choices)

12.15  Free time for Bookshop/Bar etc. and a eal

1.00  Lunch

2.00  Notices

2.15  Abby Day - Believing in Being Human

3.30  Tea

4.00  Base Group Session 2

5.15  A.G.M.

6.15  Free time for Bookshop/Bar etc.

7.00  Dinner

8.30  Don Cupitt Documentary: The Sea of Faith - the Quest Continues

9.30  Games Night

Thursday 27th July

7.30  Starting the day

8.00  Breakfast

9.15  Dilwar Hussain - Beyond Identity Politics

10.30  Coffee

11.00  Base Group Session 3

12.00  Discussion of Key Speakers’ contributions

12.45  Conference End

1.0 Lunch

2.00  Departure