Sea of Faith in the Churches Day Conference 2015


Sea of Faith is a registered charity, no. 1113177

Saturday 10 October at Essex Unitarian Church, London

Sea of Faith in the Churches (SoFiC) is a special interest group within the Sea of Faith Network that explores the interface between church and SoF, and is open to anyone who is interested.

It provides a meeting place for those SoF members, and other, who find themselves in the midst of or, more commonly, on the edge of the Christian Church.

Revd Meg Burton

Meg Burton has, over the past 15 years, taken several leadership roles in hospital chaplaincy in the Doncaster area. She had previously combined being Free Church Chaplain at Rampton Special Hospital with her work in Circuit as a Methodist Minister.

Studying for a higher degree in Healthcare Chaplaincy involved her with palliative care work in Canada. She is co-editor of the international Journal of Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, Chair for the Free Churches of their Health Care Chaplains Support Committee, and is its representative at the European Network of Health Care Chaplaincy.

She represents the College of Healthcare Chaplains on the End of Life Care Partnership Working Group, which in 2014 produced One Chance to Get It Right, the official response to the Neuberger Report (which made particular reference to the Liverpool Care Pathway).

Revd Dr Diane Rees

Since her ordination in 1996, Diane Rees has worked as a priest, in four dioceses in a variety of contexts, including being in charge of rural, suburban and city parishes and as Assistant Director of Ministry and Training.

She is also a professional Chartered Psychologist who continues to integrate ministry and psychology wherever possible. Diane currently works freelance as an educator, psychologist and priest.

Diane obtained her DThMin from King's College, London in late 2013 for her empirical studies focusing on the ministry and leadership of women in the CoE.

Her most recent research investigates how women in senior positions (Deans, Archdeacons, Theological College Principals) construe their leadership: how they make sense of their roles and what helps them in their leadership. A chapter in a forthcoming book, to be published by Ashgate later this year, will describe this research.