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The Sea of Faith Network

SOF 2016

We alone create our religion and our faith

This year Sea of Faith have invited

John Breadon, Andrew Brown and Denise Cush

to speak at their 29th Annual Conference

Sea of Faith is a network of groups and individuals who share the understanding that religions and religious faith are creations of the human mind and explore together the implications of that understanding for their moral, spiritual, social and cultural values.

SOF welcomes people from all faith and humanist communities, and those with no involvement in any organised religion. The membership reflects a range of experiential, intuitive and intellectual concerns.

Stamford Court

Conference Centre

 Leicester University

21 - 23 July 2016

Sea of Faith Network

29th Annual Conference

This year, with the help of three splendid speakers offering academic, theological and personal perspectives, and through our workshops, we shall be addressing perhaps our most important question ever. and one for us all, as individuals, as a network and for the wider world:

Religion, where next?

A title that presumes so many other questions —

What exactly is Religion – A cultural, social, psychological creation?

What drives it and sustains it?

Why does Religion continue to maintain its hold?

Why do some live for it, some die for it and some even kill for it?

What has it to offer, today and tomorrow, for “us” and for “them”?

Who cares anyway?

Please join us to help answer some of these, both for yourself and for others.

As well as the contributions of our main speakers, the conference will include many special features:  ‘Speakers’ Corner’, six short presentations on a variety of subjects to be followed up later in workshops — ‘Soul Music’, members presenting their musical favourites — a Games Night — Films and YouTube videos — the second hand bookstall — A ‘Tweet Board’ (your chance to present ideas give feedback, etc.) and to start the day, “Paradise Illustrated” performed in the grounds and “Etched by Silence”, the poetry of RS James. There will also be other workshops, seminars and discussion groups, more early morning and evening activities, base groups, and as always, plenty of time to talk to like-minded people.